0x80100068 The smart card has been reset

Things are certainly getting more interesting with Windows 8.1.

At the moment we cannot manage the PIN on the ITA-CNS card, meaning that using the opensc-tools to change the pin, results in the following failure: 0x80100068 The smart card has been reset, so any shared state information is invalid.

The OpenSC community has been kind enought to give us some pointers on where to look and this is where things start getting interesting. First off, to even get started with debuggin smart cards the necessary tools need to be downloaded and installed, also in a certain order.

Next up the driver kit can be installed for Windows 8.1

After a reboot or two we can start looking for the tools that were just installed that are hidden away:


Unfortunately the first trace did not return much, but there are quite a few options to still look into.

Before delving into the world of smart card debugging which we know very little about it was worth another google to see if someone else was having a similar, and sure enough, there normally is.


Unfortunately there is no clear solution or if some bug has crept back in again. Running the same process explorer unfortuantely results in nothing but the same error:

Its odd that the problem still persists but we could simply still be looking in the wrong place. Updates to follow as we dig deeper and deeper into Windows internals to make this work.

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