Workshop SFScon13

This year during the SFScon 2013 we held a very interesting workshop based around Selenium and TestingMachine. We were lucky enough to have Julian Harty here to host this even, and provide the core development team with some incredibly useful tips and insights. The main focus of the workshop revolved around testing more efficiently, especially when it comes to testing websites with many complex services. Approaches using methods such as Analytics and investigating weblogs were amongst the predominant discussions. Concerning the project there were also major talks on cleaning up the code base and simplifying the process for new users to get projects up and running quickly. One goal is to streamline the process as much as possible.

Two other major topics were testing on SMART TVs and mobile devices. We already have support for testing on Android devices and will expand on this in the future. The next step now is to focus on SMART TVs and better understand what can all be done in that area. Since we have so much to do we need to fork some tasks and do things in parallel.


This would include various activities such as an increased effort in community building and getting in touch with other developers in different countries that are doing the same thing. It is our hope that we can really expand on a European level and work together to solve common problems we have when it comes to eGovernment services.

When it comes to TestingMachine there are some new ideas such as adding Travis integration, setting up a Selenium Grid and using Vagrant within the project. We have also had our fair share with problems related to Android AVDs that still need to be checked and rechecked so we can ensure that testing on AVDs is always reliable.

During the workshop we were fortunate enough to have some people attending from local companies and students from the university here in Bolzano.

At the end of the week when the event was over we had our annual SFScon, where Julian did a great speech on Automated web testing

Stay tuned for more in depth posts on some of the topics we have discussed during the event such as using analytical methods, checking status codes and exploring web logs for useful information that can assist the testing process! 

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