Accessing eGov services with a OSX 10.9 now works

Since we know now how to successfully compile the latest version of OpenSC under OSX we can finally use the drivers. The problem was not so much as "knowing" how to compile but was related to all the dependencies needed, stuff like Auxilary tools for XCode. More on that in another blog post where we will go into great detail on how we got our system to successfully compile and create a .dmg package. After a successful installation we tested both versions of the card (the one predating February 2013) and the card that got produced after that. See the screenshots below where we used a test account to test the drivers.

After a successful PIN entry the certificate details get displayed:

Unchecking the "Remember this decision" checkbox and clicking gives you access to the service, however since this card is for testing you only get routed to an error page.

More to come on how we got it working, with a detailed guide on setting up the environment to compile the drivers yourself. We have made the driver available online, OpenSC 0.13 for OSX 10.9.

Here is the link to the download

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