Better instructions in manual on failed VBox start up

I had some other subject in mind for this post:

  • Sometimes it's good being stupid
  • Sometime it's going being lazy

but I settled for a more descriptive post. Bla bla bla, get on with it!!! Ok, sorry!

For the end users

Our end users, such as I, will get a program (tm-vmm) which is better checking if a virtualbox image was started up successfully and if not it gives a description on what is wrong.


All of a sudden my nightly builds and test using testingmachine (tm-vmm) on a computer of mine failed. A bit of investigation made it clear that the vboxmanage[1] command failed to launch Virtualbox. I decided to check the return value - but it quickly proved like the wrong way since vboxmanage returns 0 regardless of it succeeded or not... arrggg!!! So next try was to analyse the printout from the command. I looked (using grep) on the printout from the vboxmanage command and from that I could deduce if the vbox image started successfully or not. It is really not a nice solution - I'd rather look at return values - but sometimes you have to learn to live with semi-crappy solutions. 


The problem vbox had starting the image was that I had updated the kernel, the coresponding vibox kernel modules and some more vbox programs. But I neveer rebooted - dunno why really. So I believe that there was a kernel version difference between the vbox programs and the kernel. Rebooting and things started to work again. What conlusion to draw from this? I figure it is kind of good to be stupid sometimes - since you provoke your system and cause failures you never thought about ;)

Random thoughts

Not wanting (being too lazy) to test Searduino and GNU Xnee every night is one of my motivation factor behing writing test automation scripts/programs. So

I figure being lazy is good as long as you work hard 

.... does that make sense?


[1] vbxmanage is a command line tool in the VirtualBox suite.

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