Compiling OpenSC 0.13 under OSX 10.9

Getting the source code to compile correctly under OSX was not exactly trivial, there were a few things we needed to do create a simple installable package under OSX. Here is step by step guide on the environment setup:

  • Download and install XCode
  • Install MacPorts from
  • Then install a few packages that is required to build the installer, this is described on the OpenSC project website:

But this is still not all since autoconf and a few packages cannot be found when trying to run build. The workaround here is to run "autoconf -vis", now the build begins and compiles successfully

  • autoconf -vis

Here we can see that the build is successful, however there is no PackageMaker, the trick here is to install the Auxillary tools package, we found one from 2012 since newer onces did not have the PackageMaker app:

This package actually includes PackageMaker...

Once auxillary tools (with PackageMaker) is downloaded there are still a few steps needed:

  1. Look for the and open it by selecting "Show package content"
  2. Copy and paste all files from the downloded .dmg and put them in /Applications folder which can be found inside Xcode
  3. Add your current user to 'Sharing & Permissions' of the /Resources folder and grant the user RW access
  4. Do the same thing in step 3 for the file /Resources/IDEHelperApps.plst
  5. Edit the IDEHelperApps.plist and add <string>Contents/Applicatoiins/</string>. save the file and restart Xcode.

Everything should compile successfully now and an installer gets created:

Now OpenSC can be installed:


As soon as Firefox is setup the card is now ready to use. Add a security device under Firefox > Preferences > Advanced > Certificates > Security Devices. The path to the module is /usr/lib/

Restart Firefox and the login now works with our test account:

Google Chrome does not need any confiuration, everything works.

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