eGov sites and some new manuals need your attention

It is important to verify the the public sector/eGov pages are working with free software. Many of us who have been using free/open source software (FOSS) for a while have been denied access to some pages since we're using a "not supported browser", even though we know it's a browser supporting the standards (open and/or de-facto).


When failing to access some pages of a company it's hard for us to demand that they should change - but we should of course inform them in a nice way that they’re excluding us. In the case of public sector I think it's fair to demand that the data/pages are accessible by FOSS. Asking them to use open standards is one thing but we've been figuring on helping them out with providing an easy way to verify that a public body's pages are accessible with FOSS.


Since the end of last year we've been doing this. We've been developing tools to make it possible and easy to automate testing of web services typically, but not limited to, provided by public sector.


We've spent some time on writing manuals for the tools and we would like your input on these. A first round of issues have been reported (thanks Rikard) and we’ve fixed these so we figure it’s about time to release a new version of Testing Machine. 0.11 is here:


Download Testing Machine 0.11:


Download manual:


Currently we’ve written the documentation for the Virtual Machine Manager so if you ever wanted to manage several virtual machines (Virtualbox and qemu currently supported), be it for a cheap compile farm or for testing purposes, VMM comes to your rescue.


More on Selenium, Sikuli and other tools needed for your egov tests are developed as we speak.

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