OpenSC under Windows 8

Today I decided to install the OpenSC drivers under Windows 8. I got the latest drivers from here and installed the x86 version:

When configuring Firefox I chose the pkcs11-spy.dll file: 


When trying to access egov services I get the prompt as expected:

But that is as far as I get. I got no certificaqte prompt and thus could not login leading to me think that there is something funny going on with the certificate. I know that installing the drivers from the manufacturer's website works and I can complete the login process. The problem here is that it really seems that the drivers are doing their job. I get no errors.

And from the terminal I can also access the content on the card:

So sometihng is amiss. But for the time being I am stumped as to what it is.

When I find a solution for this I will update this post or link to the solution.

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