Upcoming tm-vmm parameter: `--for-clients-run'

Today, we are introducing a new feature to tm-vmm, which is available through the use of the command-line option `--for-clients-run'. This option will come in handy if you have a script that you want to run in association with a set of tm-vmm clients.

For example, say that we want to check the output of `date' on all VirtualBox machines. We could then write a simple script like this:

    if [ $CLIENT_TYPE = "VirtualBox" ]; then
        tm-vmm --client-exec $CLIENT_NAME date

If we save this script into script.sh, we could then run:

tm-vmm --for-all-clients-run script.sh
This would give us a list of date values from the virtual machines:

    Thu Dec  5 22:48:41 CET 2013
    Thu Dec  5 22:50:07 CET 2013



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