Work on Manuals intensified

We are currently working hard on getting the manuals into proper shape.     
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OpenSC under Windows 8

Today I decided to install the OpenSC drivers under Windows 8. I got the latest drivers from here and installed the x86 version: When configuring Firefox I chose the pkcs11-spy.dll file:    When trying to access egov services I get the prompt as expected: But that is as far as I...
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OpenSC drivers

In Italy at the moment there are two health insurance cards. An older version and a newer version. Using pkcs15-tool we can look at the two different cards, below the older version:   $ pkcs15-tool -D Using reader with a card: ACS AET65 00 00 PKCS#15 Card [USER]: Version        : 0 Serial number  : 6041110748903908 ...
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