Execute commands on Android Virtual Devices implemented

The last bit to get vmm really useful when managing Android Virtual Devices (AVD) is to support the client-exec feature, that is to be able to execute a command on the AVD, e g start a browser. This feature is now implemented and tested and we will continue working on finding out when the device is ready to use (and not when the kernel is up and running). ... will look into the latter...
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New release (0.12) available

We've just released a new version of the Testing Machine suite. https://github.com/tis-innovation-park/tm-releases/blob/master/testing-machine-0.12.tar.gz You will get Android support in this release. Installation instructions etc can be found in the distribution file.   Regards, from the testing machine developers
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start/stop of android clients improved

When writing the documentation for setting up Android Virtual Devices (AVD) I started to go though the procedures from scratch on a clean machine. Some erros were found (start/stop didn't always work) and fixed. It was rather tricky to find a variable that had kept its value between calls - stupid me!!! Anyhow, starting and stoping AVDs work fine now. To start: tm-vmm...
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Better instructions in manual on failed VBox start up

I had some other subject in mind for this post: Sometimes it's good being stupid Sometime it's going being lazy but I settled for a more descriptive post. Bla bla bla, get on with it!!! Ok, sorry! For the end users Our end users, such as I, will get a program (tm-vmm) which is better checking if a virtualbox image was started up successfully and if not it gives...
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Generating Test Reports

A great tool for generating test reports can be found here:  http://reportng.uncommons.org/ So far using it has proven the be rather easy. See the results being generated here:  http://results.testingmachine.eu/logs/2013-09-02/Mobile/ Understandably we have to write more tests so the results will surely increase over time.
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