What is the FSCRS?

The eGovernment services

The Autonomous Province of Bolzano currently offers important digital services (for eg, online applications to start businesses, pay property taxes and initiate e-Payments etc), the number is expected to increase as eGoverment services continue to grow.

The FSCRS project intends to contribute to the creation and improvement of eGovernment services through an innovative process that verifies and tests functionality. The underlying idea of the project is that the accessibility of digital public services is necessary to increase the innovation potential of the region. .

The project takes its name from the Free Software Client Reference System, a specific reference system (OS + defined set of software applications) that during testing simulates a user accessing the services.

The eGov Testing Machine

The definition of the Free Software Client Reference System is only the starting point of the project.The expected result is the development of a systematic, auto validation process, currently not available on the market, which allows the testing of eGovernment services without the manual intervention of an operator

The eGov Testing Machinecan be thought of as a virtual group of people, sitting at the computer and using the eGov services and checking if they work properly, allowing the local Public Administration to test eGov services on a daily basis that are being offered to all citizens.

100% Free Software

In accordance with the guidelines outlined by the Action Plan for the Information Society e-Suedtirol, the FSCRS project uses only Free Software. The advantages to this are many:

  • If an eGov service works correctly with the FSCRS, citizens and businesses are guaranteed access to them without purchasing software licenses.
  • If an eGov service works correctly with the FSCRS, even software programmers can access the code to see how it works.
  • The eGov Testing Machine will become part of a larger community: it can be freely reused and adapted by other public administrations, private companies or developers.

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