This installation guide is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit.


Dependency List:

• pcscd
• libacr38u
• opensc

Open a terminal and update the system:
$ sudo apt-get update

Install the packages:
$ sudo apt-get install pcscd libacr38u opensc

Confirm that the drivers are working by plugging in the card reader into a USB port.


Insert the “Bürgerkarte” and run the following command in the terminal:

$ opensc-tool -av

You should see the following output:

Using reader with a card: ACS ACR 38U-CCID 00 00
Connecting to card in reader ACS ACR 38U-CCID 00 00...
Using card driver Italian CNS...

If the card is not detected run:
$ sudo /etc/init.d/pcscd restart

If it is still not being detected restart the machine


1. Start Firefox.
2. Go to Edit → Preferences.
3. Click Advanced, then the Encryption tab.
4. Click the Security Devices tab.
5. On the right side of Device Manager Window click the Load button.
6. Enter a Module Name, for eg PCS
7. In the Module filename field, click the Browse button.
8. Navigate to /usr/lib.
9. Select
10. Restart Firefox.
11. Navigate to
12. Plug in the card reader, insert the card and click the Anmelden button.
13. Enter your PIN number.


A new GUI version of OpenSC has been released, a basic tool for PIN mangement and to display info from smart cards:


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