Screencast: Testing web services from FSCRS (phone/tablet/TV edition)

This is a follow-up to the the post where we explained how web services could be tested on Android devices. Like yesterday's article, we are complementing the how-to post with a screencast video. The video shows how we configure our GoogleTV AVD for Selenium testing (by adding an emulated SD card), how we can go from a normal AVD (you don't need to start your AVD, we are simply illustrating that it's a normal AVD) to a tm-vmm client using the <code>--create-client-conf</code> option, how to download the Android server APK, how to run the tm-examples/eGov/bolzano test suite on the three different clients, and how to display the results.

Like yesterday, more details on how to set up tm-vmm clients can be found in our user guide.

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