The most common goals of the FSCRS project are:

  • Benefiting the citizens of the Autonmous Province of Bolzano by improving the accessibility of eGovernment services in the public administration (both existing services and those under development).
  • Increasing the effeciency of the public services in addition to reducing and avoiding additional costs for the end-user.
  • Promoting the nationwide dissemination of eGoverment.

The technological goals of the FSCRS project are:

  • The creaton of a Free Software Client Reference System (FSCRS) to test eGovernment services
  • The creation of an eGov Testing Machine, an automated testing system the can regularly test the accessibility of eGoverment services without the need for manual testing.
  • Establishing an active community around the project that consists of local companies, citizens and users of Free Software that can help identify problems and provide possible solutions when accessing eGovernment services.

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