Install/uninstall functionality added

It is now possible to install and uninstall packages to a running virtual image. 

The feature started out to be Android specific - but we figured it was harder to write the doc to motivate why not to have it for VirtualBox etc so we added the support in there as well.

Examples on how to install/uninstall on a VirtualBox (running Ubuntu)

tm-vmm --install-app Ubuntu-13-04 /tmp/libxnee0_3.13-1_amd64.deb

tm-vmm --uninstall-app libxnee0

Examples on how to install/uninstall on an Android device

tm-vmm --install-app eGov-android-machine /tmp/MyApp.apk
tm-vmm --uninstall-app eGov-android-machine com.example.App


As always, any thoughts are welcome.


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