Mobile Testing Begun!

The first steps in Mobile testing have started! We have been mulling over which approach is best and have for now decided to use Using AVD's is also great since we can test different versions of Android from 3.0 until 4.3 making sure the services (when accessed froma mobile device) work as expected. Now this is still a long way...
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Adding more machines to Testing Machine

One of our biggest concerns was always been able to scale upwards. It seems this is luckily not the case with our project. In order to make sure that eGov services work under many different platforms and browsers (also different versions of browsers since the release cycle is high) we need to be able to quickly add a new virtual machine for testing. This week Fedora was added to the setup...
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Two more options added to tm-vmm

Two more options have been added recently to tm-vm: --snapshot-client   Use this to take snapshot from the running client   --is-client-up   Checks if the client is up and running   --wait-for-client   Waits (blocks) until client is up and running. Useful in scripts.   ongoing work: --client-copy-file ...
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Snapshot support added for VBox and Android

it is now possible to take snapshot of running clients (Android and VBox), using     tm-vmm --snapshot-client nexus Hopefully this will come in handy when wanting more visual results then"simple" log files :)
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Automating Tests

Slowly but surely tests are being automated on a daily basis meaning we are using  as tool to start virtual machines and running Selenium to test eGovernment services. Cron is being used daily to run tests, results ared copied back to the host machine and then uploaded to a server where the results are displayed. The results can be seen...
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